EasyPay’s Multi Corridor Approach

EasyPay is expanding. The company announced a total of 15 countries to choose from to make payments, a significant increase from only one.



The firm 

EasyPay is a remittance company licensed and regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia. It specializes in making payments overseas in a B2B capacity. The number of countries available to make payments to have increased from just China to a total of 15 countries. Each country has its own set of currencies to choose from.

  1. China (RMB / USD);
  2. Hong Kong (HKD / USD);
  3. Indonesia (IDR / USD);
  4. Singapore (SGD / USD);
  5. Taiwan (TWD / USD);
  6. Thailand (THB / USD);
  7. India (INR);
  8. Vietnam (VND / USD);
  9. Australia (AUD);
  10. UK (GBP);
  11. Myanmar (USD);
  12. Korea (KRW / USD);
  13. Philippine (PHP / USD);
  14. Japan (JPY);
  15. Bangladesh (BDT); and
  16. Cambodia (USD)


Not only that, the transfer limit had been raised from RM200,000 a day to RM2 million a day.


Good news for customers. 

Customers using EasyPay for their business will find the upgrade to be incredibly useful. More payments and a higher transaction limit per day mean more monies being sent to the beneficiaries. This translates to increased savings, faster transfer rates and the ability to handle more payments big or small.

More countries available mean a wider range of options to choose from and to utilize. A business can now not only make payments to China with MYR to be received USD or RMB; but also can make payments to, for example, Japan and have the beneficiary receive it in Yen. All this translates to greater overall utility and efficiency for customers of EasyPay.


EasyPay’s Mission

This expansion in offerings is a commitment on the part of EasyPay to help SMEs in Malaysia explore and grow in their abilities to do business overseas particularly when faced with increased challenges when dealing with international trade. These challenges are real and present; namely the high cost of international payments and the slow speed and service levels in processing such payment transactions. In the face of this, EasyPay offers a solution, to have its mantra and mission be to lower costs and increase the speed of payments through disintermediation and automation. In short, the simplification of international trade payments. Better trades lead to higher trading volumes which in turn lead to greater prosperity.



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