Spotlight on Fintech Operations: Meet the All-Ladies Team at EasyPay Transfers

It is not often that one meets an all-women team, especially in the Fintech Operations space. In the Fintech environment, many things happen at breakneck speed; and require speed, precision, and finesse with the response. This all-ladies team did not form overnight but took several years to gel together around the ethos of not just “Fixing-it” but also “Running-it” and “Optimising-it” within the Company.   

“We never really set out to build an all ladies team. In fact, we were not an all ladies team at the beginning but it just so happened that things worked out to be as such” says Liza the head honcho of the group. Each of the ladies has a unique background and brings individual skills that help them keep the cogs turning within EasyPay Transfers. “Although we cover different areas and work independently, we communicate every day and play off each other’s strengths” added Liza. 

Liza has worked in the banking field for 25 years and is a super mum of 5 somewhat grown-up kids to boot. As the “eldest sister” in the Company, she feels that the modern woman of today has many capabilities and is every bit as competent as (and some might claim, or even more than) their male counterparts.  She is a strong advocate for women’s empowerment and believes that corporate Malaysia would do well to encourage more women to join the workforce.

Zulaikha who is the compliance head of the Company is tasked to ensure that everyone in the Company toes the line and walks the straight and narrow path. “Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a shared common vision,” said Zulaikha. As one of the pioneers of the Company, she has seen the Company grow in a structured and controlled manner; whereby the intrinsic organizational framework allows employees to know their roles and responsibilities clearly. As a process and methods person, Zulaikha believes that structure coupled with a good work culture allows the team to synergize harmoniously and to complement each other’s weaknesses.  

Esther graduated with a degree in Commerce Finance from the University of Queensland and she brings with her a unique blend of customer service, sales and banking operations. After having worked for a foreign bank, she finds working at EasyPay Transfers much more interesting and challenging. She had this to say to young graduates seeking employment “The way to success is to experience and weather challenging times. If one is passionate about improvement and professional growth, join a company like EasyPay Transfers as the work environment offers many challenges, rewards and opportunities!”

Sue Zen who is our number cruncher in the Company also agrees that EasyPay Transfers offers a good platform for fresh graduates to build their careers. In addition to her treasury and back-office roles within the Company, this dynamic and highly adaptable lady has also been involved in spearheading important new product development projects for the Company. As a solid team player, it is no surprise that Sue Zen firmly believes that “A good working environment reinforced with a sound company culture naturally leads towards building a strong team.”

Diversity of experiences and backgrounds serve to enrich the collective capabilities of any enterprise. This is precisely the case with Chloe who previously worked for an airline as a flight crew but now handles customer services within the Company. Handling and fulfilling customer requests and requirements is never an easy task especially when trying to reconcile both customer and Company objectives. It all boils down to the service attitude that one internalizes as clearly explained by Chloe “I don’t mind getting rejected by customers but when I am sincere in my customer advocacy towards them, someday they will come back to avail of our services.”

“A healthy lifestyle is of vital importance to maintaining peak performance,” says Stephanie our sportswoman in the Company. Stephanie who hails from East Malaysia is an experienced banker; and with her competitive sports background, she takes on the responsibility to ensure that the Company’s commercial models, pricing strategies and service levels remain within the top percentile when compared to the competition. To keep her sharp and on the ball, she walks the talk by incorporating a daily exercise regime into her work schedule.     

“I am very proud that the ladies have come together to form this fantastic team; and have helped the Company deal with many challenges. They excel in meeting customer expectations and at the same time actively manage the daily mechanizations of a demanding Fintech concern! They literally carry the Company on their backs and have proven that in a male-dominated field, women bring unique strengths to the business” says Jared Ang co-founder of EasyPay Transfers.     

Asked if they think Fintech Operations is a good field for women and you get a resounding “YES!”. It is a great job for anyone and especially for new graduates.

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