Canton Fair – The Heavenly Event for Business

China Import and Export Fair (CIEF) or better known as Canton Fair is the biggest trade event in the world. It originated in Guangzhou in 1957 and it is held every spring and autumn. In its history of 123 sessions, it has claimed the most comprehensive exhibition covering the widest range of industries and sectors. During spring, it begins on April 15th to May 5th and during autumn, it begins on October 15th to November 4th with each session has 3 phases. Major China producers are gathered to showcase their latest products and what they have to offer to the market. It is held at the Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Consisting an area of 118 hectares, the 123rd session of Canton Fair in 2018 spring offered 60,475 stands, which attracted 25,171 exhibitors from all over the globe. Resulted with over 200,000 attendees contributing to the astounding export turnover of 30.08 billion USD.

Business owners that want to experience Canton Fair can sign up for their free ticket, since this is only open to trade visitors. Then present the ticket issued by Canton Fair to the Embassy to apply the visa to Guangzhou. This is the best time to find new ideas for your business, to explore new market, network and build relationships. It comprises of 48 trading delegations, thousands of foreign trade companies, factories, scientific research institutions, foreign invested enterprises, wholly foreign enterprises, private enterprises, all of which are of good credibility and strong financial capability.


First Phase

The first phase starts on 15th until 19th October. It focuses on electrical and electronic products. It has the largest amount of deals and buyers of 3 phases. Most of China’s latest, high tech products are showcased in the first phase. It covers electronics and household, electrical appliances, lighting equipment, vehicles spare parts, machinery, hardware and tools, building materials, chemical products and energy.

Second Phase

The second phase begins on 23rd and ends on 27th October. It is more focused to the consumer segments. Here you can find glassware, furniture, home decorations and gardening products.

Thirds Phase

The third phase starts on the 31st October until 4th November. The third phase brings together sellers for textiles and garments, shoes, office supplies, cases and bags, recreation products, medicines and food.

Since all three phases and dates are different, those who would like to go to Canton Fair need to plan their trip before they make any booking (hotels, flights, etc..).

Normally business owners would go to Canton Fair to build network and relationships with their favorite suppliers. Then once their product inventories run low, they can just contact the suppliers to buy. The buyer makes payment online, and the products will be sent straight to their doorsteps.

Canton Fair is such a great platform to boost international trade activities (import and export) between China and rest of the world. This allows logistics and payment fulfilment companies to exist to support the exponential growth of the trade activities.

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